As you can probably tell, the days are starting to feel very autumnal the leaves are all crimson and yellow and the nights are drawing in. It is important that you now start preparing your horses for the colder months, the list below are some simple tips you may want to try in order to keep your horse happy in the cold.

Winter rugs

Making sure that your winter rugs are usable is important, check them for damage and repair where needed or it may be time to invest in a new set, Keep your horse nice and toasty.


It’s been a long summer, make sure any clippers you may need have been serviced by an expert.


Is the bedding you are currently using suitable for the colder months. If reports are correct we may be in for a cold one so you could consider using dust free bedding combined with a rubber matting. You may also buy your bedding in bulk for a cost-effective option.

Prepare your Yard & Buildings 

During the depths of winter when the ground is frozen, and the weather is more inclement, you may not have a chance to fix broken fences, or mend guttering and pipework. It may be a good idea to get in as much of this type of work done, in order to winter-proof your yard and protect your horses.

Making sure your stables are in good working order is crucial! You could upgrade your existing building? Have you ever considered one of Buildings UK’s Steel framed buildings? We specialize in Agricultural and Equestrian Buildings.

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