5 facts about Steel you maybe didn’t know


Did you know any of these facts about one of the worlds most popular construction materials?


  1. There are countless different grades of Steel-Whilst the exact amount is uncertain, it is predicted that there are around 3,500 different grade types of Steel. The count is sure to go up with the development of new technologies.
  2. The world’s largest steel building is 442m high-The Sears Tower now renamed the Willis Tower, is the largest Steel building in the world coming in at 442m high! The second largest steel framed building is the Empire State Building. Steel girders were ordered to length and marked up with where it fitted in the structure- Essentially a large Steel Framed kit building.
  3. 1,000 times stronger then iron-It can even be recycled and still not lose strength!
  4. The first steel car was produced in 1918- The first stainless steel car was produced in 1936 through a partnership between Allegheny Ludlum Steel and the Ford Motor Company.
  5. Steel is an alloy of carbon-Pure iron is relatively soft and can rust, Steel is hard, tough and rust resistant.



The Sears Tower


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